Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why the 21 Day Fix is LIFE!

So, the other day I was talking to a friend who ordered the 21 Day Fix from me a while back. I was checking in with her to see how she was doing and asked if she was still doing it. She had recently had surgery, but said she was almost ready to do another round. It got me thinking. The 21 Day Fix is an amazing program... but the best part of it is you buy it once, and you have it for life! 

Think about other weight loss programs... you know, the ones where you count points, or buy their prepackaged foods. Those programs have a monthly fee that you have to pay in order to stay on the program. The 21 Day Fix is a one and done! You purchase the program, and you don't have to spend another cent on it as long as you live!

Yes, you can buy Shakeology, which I highly recommend, and you can subscribe to Beachbody On Demand, which I also recommend, but you don't HAVE to! With other programs, if you stop paying for it, it's gone. You no longer have access to it. With the 21 Day Fix, you have access forever!

Plus, it's SIMPLE and it WORKS! So, you might not be familiar with the 21 Day Fix. Here's a breakdown:

  • What is the 21 Day Fix?
    • A 21-day program of simple portion control and 30 minute workouts that anyone can do.
    • Simple, fast weight loss -- no weighing food, or counting calories or points
    • You can lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days!
  • What makes the 21 Day Fix unique?
    • Portion-control containers take all the guesswork out of losing weight
    • It's the simplest way to control how much you eat
    • 30 minute workouts fit into everyone's busy life
  • What's included in the 21 Day Fix?
    • 7 color-coded portion control containers
    • Shakeology shaker cup
    • 6 easy-to-follow 3 minute workouts
    • 21 Day Fix quick start guide and workout calendar
    • 21 Day Fix eating plan that shows you exactly what to do
    • 3 Day Quick Fix Guide
    • Dirty 30 bonus workout
    • Free bonus workout when you order from me: Plyo Fix
  • How does it work?
    • The eating plan shows you how to use the portion control containers
    • Simply put your choice of food in the color-coded container - if it fits, you can eat it!
    • Do one 30 minute workout per day according to the fitness guide
This is NOT a diet!! It truly is a way of life... you are learning proper portion control! If you decide to do a different workout program down the road, you can continue to use your portion containers for food! Keeping it simple! 

Here are some examples of results that can be attained by following the program:

Can't really argue with that! :) Ok, so if you want to learn more, watch this video!! 
Have a great day!! :)


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