Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

UGH! I am NOT ready to go back to work on Wednesday. And it's only Saturday night and I am already fretting about it. I have LOVED being home! I love getting a paycheck too, though... but I really love being home! Who wants to pay me to stay home and just do whatever the hell I want!? lol

I had 2 things I wanted to get done over Christmas break; 1. clean the office and 2. read You Are a Badass. I have accomplished one... the office is done!! I am super excited about that! And I say "done" as a relative term. We still have a few things to go through and I plan to purchase another shelf to put in there because we still need more storage, but it looks so much better than it did, and I actually have room on my desk to draw! See?? :) (And yes, that is Sean McCabe on my screen! Binge-watching Seanwes-TV while cleaning the office!)

I have started to go through things to get rid of, so I decided to get rid of ALL of my acrylic and rubber stamps. I rarely used them, and most of them are brand new. I wanted to get more Copic markers, colored pencils, other art supplies, so I started selling them. So far I have purchased a 72 pencil set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, ordered 27 Copic Ciao markers (I have some Sketch markers, but the Ciao's fit into my budget better) and once I get paid for a couple more things I sold I am putting in an order for 40 more Ciao markers!! So excited!! I also plan to order this Copic class for coloring skin and hair: as soon as I sell some more stuff!! I think it looks great, and will really give me some direction. I need to figure out why I can't make myself draw... it's like I am terrified to try. I have everything I need... I just can't seem to make myself put pencil to paper. WTF? 

On Monday, I start back on the Challenge Du Jour with Beachbody and I am really glad to get back into working out! I also started a new challenge at Nerd Fitness:

Ok, off to do something... not sure what, but it really should be drawing lol or reading...

What I'm reading: You Are a Badass
What I'm Watching: YouTube Copic videos
What I'm listening to: Seanwes TV


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