Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Scoutsays... Wet N Wild Series

Ok, I'm gonna have to admit something. Until just recently I did not own any Wet N Wild products. I had this notion in mind that because they are inexpensive that they are cheap. Boy was I wrong!! They blow a lot of my higher end eyeshadows out of the water in terms of pigmentation and lastability (I'm not sure that's a word, but I'm going with it!!). 

So, I've decided that I must have ALL the eyeshadow!! Lucky for me, they are in the $3-$5 range per palette!! So I've made myself a little spreadsheet (yes, I'm a geek!!) and plan to hunt down all the pretties! :)

I did swatches of all the ones I have and will share those here with you! 

First up, 737A Poster Child 8 pan. I will have to say that I'm more impressed with the trios than with this larger palette in terms of pigmentation. 

The colors are pretty, but not necessarily something I'd wear everyday. And I won't follow their suggestions for where to put each one. (I'm such a rebel!! Break ALL the rules!!)

I know my first picture shows primer, but I decided to not use it, even though I tend to use primer everyday. I use my fingers for swatching. 

See what I mean? Not incredible pigmentation. But it's not bad. 

On to the trios! 334 I'm Getting Sunburned. 

I'm in love with the shimmery pink and gold!! The dark brown is really nice too!!

335 Silent Treatment

Pretty neutrals!!

This is the palette that started the obsession!! I was looking for a really nice dark pink (I had been using some blush from a Pixi palette lol) and I saw this and had to get it!!! It's amazing!!

336 Spoiled Brat

Soooo pretty!! And that silver!! Yeowza!!!

380B Walking in Eggshells

I just think a girl can never have enough neutrals!! :) 

381B Sweet as Candy

This one and the previous one are pretty similar. 

385B Don't Steal My Thunder

Another nice silver!!!

Ok, that's it for today!! I got all of these at CVS. I plan to make a trip in the next couple weeks to find the rest of the trios. I'm hoping I don't have to order them online! :)


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