Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New day, new hair...

So, I've been growing out my hair for a while. And lately I've been growing out my bangs because I was getting tired of the upkeep. I was having to trim them every couple weeks, and I'm terribly inaccurate with the shears lol

So, I decided I really wanted bangs ala Bettie Page. So I asked hubs to cut them for me. He wasn't so sure about that at all lol We decided (ok, I decided) to watch some YouTube videos to see the best way to go about it. Several of the videos showed girls cutting their bangs with clippers, and it looked so easy! We decided to go that route! 

They turned out great and it really was easy peasy!! The only problem was the color...

See all the different colors in my bangs... So yeah, I decided to dye my hair black (again ala Bettie Page!). I got a box of Loreal Feria in Bright Black and went to it! (Usually hubs helps me color my hair if I do it at home, but he was at school, and I wanted it down NOW!!)

Lol my hair all piled up on my head!!

Plus hair dye all over my leg!! How did that get there!??? 

Anyway, the final product:

Love it!!! :) Can't wait to play with it when I have more time! :)


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