Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kohl's Beauty Bag

So... a week or so ago I tweeted because I was really disappointed that I just got the info card for the new Benefit eyeliner, but no eyeliner in my Birchbox... well, Kohl's replied to my tweet:

"Oh no! That is a bummer, but we have a little something that may cheer you up. Follow and DM us if you're interested!"

Well, of course I was interested!! I messaged them and they wrote me back:
"We'd like to send you a #KohlsBeauty bag full of our most popular beauty brands and favorite products!"

I received the bag today, and let me tell you, I am impressed!!! I will be doing a first impressions/review video this weekend for this! There is so much in it!! :)

1. LORAC Cobra Mascara
[size]: 0.14oz
[price]: $11.20

2. Essie nail polish in Bikini so Teeny 
[size]: 0.46oz
[price]: $8.50

3.Sugar line-a-licious felt tip liquid liner in Stiletto
[size]: 0.052oz
[price]: $10.00

4. Elle lipgloss in 09
[size]: 0.17oz
[price]: $16.00

5. Eylure Naturalites Super Full lashes with adhesive
[size]: full size
[price]: $6.00

6. Pur Big Look Extreme Mascara with Argan oil
[size]: 0.12oz
[price]: $12.00

7. TheBalm Instain long wearing staining powder blush in Swiss Dot
[size]: 0.018oz
[price]: $2.00

8. jane lip gloss in Inner Light
[size]: 0.33oz
[price]: $7.00

9. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume!!
[size]: 0.04oz
[price]: $1.58

 I'm such a lucky girl!!! Can't wait to try everything!!! :)

[total value]: $74.28 WOW!! 


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