Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Day Off...

What we did yesterday on my day off! :)
First, we sealed Grandma's deck!
It looks so nice!!:)

Then we decided to paint these chairs that have been waiting to get painted!

Granted, I loved these chairs as the green, rustic things they were before we painted them. (I say we, but mostly hubs and X painted them! I just taped and helped supervise! lol)

My guys working hard in the sun and heat!!! X's hands were covered in red paint... he looked like he had murdered someone! lol

And... they aren't finished yet lol, they needed to dry between coats, so we decided to put them in the garage and we will finish them on Sunday after church!:)

It was a good day!:)

As for days off... I am starting my new job on Monday, so I will no longer be guaranteed Wednesdays off. I'm nervous to be starting a new job, but I am also really excited to be doing something new!!:)


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