Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 2014 Birchbox Review

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box featuring beauty and lifestyle samples. It is $10 a month and you receive 4-6 samples, deluxe sames, and sometimes full size products. Their point system is really good, and you can end up getting a lot of full size products for free. You can join here, so we both get points: 

I received my Birchbox a while ago, but I am just getting around to reviewing it because life got a little crazy!

And NO, I did NOT get the new Benefit eyeliner to review... Birchbox was just really mean and sent out an "info card" to some subscribers and not others, so when I opened the box I saw the card and thought I got the eyeliner to review so I was really excited... but alas, no eyeliner in the box, and when I contacted BB thinking it was a mistake and they just forgot to put the eyeliner in there... nope... it was just an info card. Well, thanks a lot for nothing. It was like seeing the Golden Ticket and then realizing it was a fake! Bah!

Each Birchbox comes with a card detailing the products you received. 

[the product]: Joie Folle de Joie Eau de Parfum

[from the card]: A fresh blend of mandarin, rose and sandalwood that evokes a carefree, summertime vibe.

[the size]: 2 ml

[the scent]: See above! :) It smells really nice!!:) 

[my thoughts]: I probably won't buy the full size unless I come across a lot of extra money lol but I love it!  

[the worth]: $1.73 

[the product]: Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvinator

[from the card]: This customer fave mimics effects of microdermabrasion for a glowing, smooth complexion

[the size]: 20 grams - good size sample!

[the scent]: A really fresh, clean smell!

[my thoughts]: I'm all about exfoliators! So, I will definitely use it! The fact that it's paraben-free, sulfate-free and 99% natural is definitely a plus!

[the worth]: $5.60

[the product]: Coola Tinted Matte SPF 30 For Face

[from the card]: Mineral-based tinted moisturizer with lasting sun protection and a shine-free finish.

[the size]: 0.17oz

[my thoughts]: This was such a tiny sample... I got almost one use out of it. I wasn't that impressed with it. 

[the worth]: $3.60

[the product]: Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion

[from the card]: Antioxidant-rich moisturizer that smooths and softens with botanicals like grape seed.

[the size]: 1.5oz

[the scent]: A really nice, clean scent!

[my thoughts]: It's full of good stuff and free of bad stuff, so I will definitely be using it!

[the worth]: $3.00

[the product]: Number 4 Hair Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

[from the card]: Sulfate-free cleanser rich in botanicals and vitamins that repairs and protects dry, brittle hair

[the size]: Shampoo - 1oz, Conditioner 0.25oz

[the scent]: Smells kind of herby... I like it!! 

[my thoughts]: Holy crap this stuff is expensive!!! I will use it but will not be spending $72 on shampoo!! lol

[the worth]: Shampoo: $2.88 Conditioner: $0.78

[total box worth]: $17.59


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