Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Consumer Testing Programs/Panels & How They Work

I am a member of many consumer testing panels/programs AKA review cool stuff for free programs, so I thought it might be nice to have all this information in one place for anyone who is looking for places to sign up to review cool products. So, here it is! :)

Test new products
Complete surveys
Opportunities to be featured in the magazine
This one is really new, so I haven't really dug into it very much yet. 

Try new products
 Attend special Allure events in your area
Chance to win prizes by completing surveys
Their registration process is temporarily on hold, so I will update here when it is back online.

Review products
I have already reviewed 4 full size hair care products! 

Take surveys
Get invited to campaigns
Try products
Review and share
I haven't gotten into a campaign yet...

Take a survey that takes a thousand years lol
Review products
Earn cash

Try products
Earn money and prizes

Win cool prizes
Review said prizes
Haven't really seen much here yet...

Apply to host a party in your home
Get products/goodies for your party attenders

Review products
Share about products
It seems the more you are involved in sharing via social media, 
the more products you will receive to review.
I have gotten the following VoxBox campaigns: 
Sargento cheese (received a coupon for free cheese and a lunchbag)
eBay Virtual Vox: had to write 3 eBay guides for a $25 gift card
P&Geveryday Virtual Vox: completed 3 tasks for a chance to win a $40 gift basket
Influenster is one of my favorite programs!

Take surveys and pray that you don't disqualify out of said surveys lol
If you qualify, get products to test out, but make sure you follow all of the rules
Receive comp products for reviewing said products

With the provided scanner or phone app, scan all your purchases
Earn points for everything you scan
Spend points on stuff from their website

Get free samples to review
They post new samples on Tuesdays at noon EDT
I have gotten several samples including 2 full size nail polishes!

Take surveys then maybe get chosen to get products to review.

Looks to be another one sort of like Influenster.

Exclusive missions with access to free products and services to try.

1. Tell us what you want
2. Try something new for free
3. Share your experience

Get free samples or coupons
Review said products


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