Sunday, April 6, 2014

Operation Don't Die...

So, I have been thinking about things a lot lately. I am still on a long journey to get healthy. Why do I keep sabotaging my own health? I am allergic to gluten AND pre-diabetic, yet I have been letting wheat creep back into my diet here and there, and have still been eating sugar every day. 

No, I actually DON'T want to die! Even though I suffer from depression and I am broken and my heart hurts, I still want to live a full, happy, healthy life. I have to get in front of myself on this... I have to actually start making good choices. I have my life in my hands... I have to choose what to do with it now. 

In one week I start another Nerd Fitness challenge, and this time it will have nothing to do with physical fitness... it will be me trying to take control of this situation I find myself in. Stay tuned... it's gonna be a bumpy ride!



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