Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend... Come back!!

We didn't do much during the day yesterday. Hubs fixed my car because the battery light kept coming on. So that's not happening anymore! But his car threw a belt last night on our way home. Boo!

We went out last night, after I spent a couple hours getting ready, hence the photo up top... Our friend had a prom-themed birthday party at a bar about an hour from where we live. The party started at 9:00 pm which I thought was really late to START a party, but I'm old, I guess. :D

It was an ok time. It was nice seeing our friend but she was the only one we knew there. Awkward. Drinks were super pricey so I had 2 Malibu & Diet Coke's and hubs had 1 Guiness. We left around midnight and went home, after making a pit stop at QT because I was afraid the bar bathroom would be too sketchy lol Also people were already getting way trashed and we just didn't really want to stick around for that. 

It was raining when we left... Blah... I think at some point it snowed too. 

Our best friends are moving back from California this summer and I can't wait!! They are the type of friends who actually WANT to do things!! We used to go to the comedy club together or just hang out at each other's homes playing cards. We don't have any friends like that now. We have friends who SAY they want to do stuff but then never actually do anything... We need to meet couples who want to hang out. Life is not just Facebook people!!! Lol

I have to clean my kitchen today. It's such a mess. X is on Spring break this whole week but is spending tonight at a friend's house. His grandparents sent him home with an entire box of glazed donuts for breakfast this week. I had to put them in his bedroom so I wouldn't eat them!! Yikes!!

Ok, gonna go clean and read and stuff!


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