Friday, March 21, 2014

Target Box and It's Friday!!!

Definitely Thank God it's MFing Friday!!
Ok, so I HAD plans tonight. I was going to go from work to the grocery store and pick up cheese and crackers for scrapbook club(which I did). Then I decided to stop by Sonic to get a Vanilla Diet Coke(which I did). Then I was going to go to my friend's house for club... my car had other plans. It died at Sonic and would not start. So my FIL came and jump started the car, and I came home. It won't start again, so hubs will have to fix it tomorrow. 

Anyway, it was a good mail day today, so that was a bright spot in my evening.

This is the Target box I talked about on this post. Anyone who called me beautiful is OK in my book! :)

1) TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (2.5 fl oz): Want beachy hair without hitting the surf? Spray from root to tip for salty, sultry texture and subtle, windswept waves. [$4.99]

~ This smells divine!! I love smelly good stuff!! I have never used something like this before, so I am not sure about it. My hair is pretty straight so it might be better for someone with wavy hair?

2) L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara (.22 fl oz): Stretch and lengthen lashes for a fluttery, winged-out look with this unique mascara formula and revolutionary asymmetrical Butterfly Brush. [$7.99]

~ This is in color 867|Black Noir. The brush looks interesting... I will probably just hold on to this without opening it for a bit, because I have an almost brand new mascara and a mini that I am currently using. I checked this on and put the code in and it told me it was manufactured in July of 2013 and it has a shelf life of 36 months, so I still have 28 months to use it!

3) Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo (1.7 oz): Give hair a rejuvenating boost with this paraben and colorant-free formula made with natural tapioca to instantly absorb excess oil with less residue. [$1.99]

~ I have never used a dry shampoo before but I am definitely willing to try it! I generally wash my hair every other day so that it doesn't dry out. I had an argon oil mishap this morning... I put way way way too much in my hair so now it looks and feels kind of greasy. Blech! Wonder if this stuff would help lol It does smell good! [Manufactured 12/11/2013, 36 month shelf life, valid for the next 33 months!]

4) COVERGIRL Smoochies Sizzle Gloss (.44 fl oz): Pucker up. Sheer color meets sizzling shimmer in a moisturizing formula that’s always stunning, never sticky. [$5.99]

~ I got this in the color Date Night, which is basically clear. I like glosses, so whatever I got was find with me. It smells and tastes good... but it's pretty sticky! [Born on 01/09/2014, shelf life 36 months, so valid for 34 more months] 

5) Jergens BB Cream Light (2 fl oz): Finally, a multi-tasking beauty cream in a quick-drying formula that goes on sheer and delivers visible results in just 5 days. [$1.25]

~ I already know how much I LOVE this stuff because I got it in my March Birchbox! It smells FANTASTIC! 

That's over $22 for around $5! I'm pretty pleased! There are also coupon codes in the box, and the box is something I can use again! :)

So, I mentioned it was a good mail day, right? Got my sample of Secret Clinical Strength deodorant today too. This was an All You Daily free sample. I get an email each day with samples to try out. I got the scent Completely Clean in invisible solid. It smells really nice! It's such a cute size too! Perfect for my purse!

A couple days ago, I got this in the mail. X got the mail while I was at work (Spring break here!) and he said we got a box from Target! Well, I was thinking it was my Target Beauty Box... nope! lol It was a sample of Peet's Coffee K-cups! Which is just fine with me! We got Major Dickason's Blend [Rich, Complex, Full Bodied] and Cafe Domingo [Smooth, Balanced, Medium Bodied]. Hubs will have the first one, and I will try the second one! It came with a $2.00 off coupon too! 

Isn't the sample packaging cute!?
Sorry about my phone pictures. I just didn't have it in me to get the big camera out and then edit photos on my computer, since hubs doesn't have Photoshop on his laptop yet. 

Ok, I am going to go find something to do now, since I am stuck at home on a Friday night and my car won't start! Have a great weekend!



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