Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Slept in today...

And I did... I got up and put X on the bus and then I went back to bed... until 11:00 am. Holy crap, what a wasted day! We are out of laundry detergent so I can't do laundry until we go buy some, which will probably happen this afternoon sometime when hubs gets home from school. I didn't receive my Ipsy bag or my Birchbox in the mail today, so I can't review them yet. I did, however, receive my shoes from ThredUp. After my coupon, they were only $3.48 with shipping! Woot!!

Now to learn how to walk in them by this weekend! Bahahaha!!

Tonight is family night. We are going to cook at home and start watching The Walking Dead series, since X has expressed an interest in it. I figure that will be cheap entertainment for several weeks! :)

Ok, that's all I have today!


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