Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday adventures and snow...

We are under a winter storm warning... So obviously we are sitting at Starbucks lol Hubs is studying per usual and I'm pretty much doing nothing. I didn't get a latte or a mocha or any coffee actually. I got a Venti earl grey tea with whole milk and added my own Truvia. I had a coupon for $1 off tea, so I used it and my drink was only $2.70. Whaaaaatttt?? My coffee is usually double that!! 

So, today we went shopping for clothes for 2 parties we have coming up, both prom themed. Hubs got a tux with a jacket, pants, shirt, vest and tie for $20!! I bought a dress for $12 and a few other things... I bought 2 other dresses that don't fit me yet but were too good of deals to pass up. We got everything at second hand stores. I refuse to pay retail for clothes unless it's underwear lol

Excuse the crazy socks. I almost always wear tall socks. Anyway, that's my dress. 

And that's a shirt I bought for $4.00!! Love it!! So, anyway, we are set for the prom! 

We are supposed to get several inches of snow this weekend so it might just have to be a snow day on Monday. If so, I'll be sleeping in lol


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