Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pancheros, gluten and family night!

So, last night was family night. We decided to run down to Best Buy and pick up a Roku media player, since our internet seems to be working for streaming. We decided to go out to eat, but wanted to go somewhere new, so we chose Pancheros. It's very much like Chipotle, which we love!! However, they have queso and chips and I am a sucker for queso! It cost under $30 for the three of us, which wasn't bad considering we got 2 bowls, a quesadilla, queso and chips, and guac and chips, and 2 drinks (I had water). 

The good: the prices are good. They have queso. The food tastes ok. 
The bad: the food tastes ok... I like Chipotle better. Apparently, their chicken marinade has gluten in it, so I am sick today!:( I need to start checking BEFORE we go to a restaurant. I just didn't think about it, since Chipotle chicken is gluten free. 

So, yay... I get to be sick today. It sucks. I had a migraine for 2 days and now I have a horrible stomach ache. :/ 

After that, we came home, X did his homework, which I have to help him with a project tonight so he can get it done before tomorrow when it is due, and hubs and I watched SOA on Netflix. We are so behind, but now we can catch up!!

I have heard it is supposed to snow again Saturday. Not looking forward to more snow. Hopefully it will be the last snow of the season! Come on Spring!!! We will be taking at least one more trip to Starbucks on Saturday to study, and that might be it for a while. We have internet at home now, and that is an extra bill, so Starbucks might just have to go. At least this weekend we have a free drink coming! Woot!!

Ok, have a good Thursday!:)


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