Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Feels like Monday...

It most certainly feels like Monday. I know it is only because I stayed home from work yesterday... but man, I am tired and hungry today!! Did not want to come to work, even though I was completely bored yesterday!

We got our internet yesterday, and so far so good... we can stream Netflix and X can play Xbox Live. Still a little ticked that they disable the wireless on the router they send you... I paid PLENTY for the equipment AND service, so I think they need to not disable the wireless. Pisses me off. 

Ipsy should be putting out another sneak peek this morning sometime!! I will update the post here when they do. I updated this post yesterday when they put out a sneak peek for BirchBox! For someone as obsessed with makeup right now, I have absolutely NO makeup on today. Was way lazy and wanted to give my eyes a break as well. 

Need. More, Coffee. Pronto!

But seriously... if this day goes fast, I am off again tomorrow. Tomorrow I will do laundry, as always, but other than that I am not sure... my apartment is pretty clean. I do need to go to town and pick up a rubber stamp I ordered for a little side business I am starting. Also think we are going to go to Best Buy and get one of those media players so we can stream Netflix without a laptop hooked to the TV. One with a remote would be awesome!! 

Oh, and I just bought these shoes on ThredUp for $3.48 with shipping after a coupon!!! Woot!

Ok, have a good Monday... er... Tuesday...


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