Sunday, March 9, 2014

Craft club and creepiness...

I go to a monthly craft club, so I can work on crafty things and have some girl time. Today we made jewelry from Close to my Heart. I made the above necklace and five others lol I ordered the stuff to make six more necklaces next month. They are totally me!!

I love the She's So Crafty one!! Makes me think of the Beastie Boys song She's Crafty and Just My Type! ;)

I'm so not ready to go back to work tomorrow!! Can't I just stay home and do the stuff I want to do??!! Lol yeah, I know I can't... But I wanna!!

I almost forgot about the creepiness!! So, when I got home from picking X up from youth group there was a guy standing in the field behind our house, with his arms spread wide like a scarecrow. X said he was out there earlier in the day when grandma brought him home to change before youth group. Talk about creepy. Not sure who he was or why he was there but he was gone when I looked out the window a little bit later...

Here's to Monday... Bah!


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