Monday, March 10, 2014

Beauty Battle: Birchbox vs. Ipsy March 2014

So, if you read my blog, you already know that I just recently started getting Birchbox and Ipsy subscription boxes. I just found out today what I will be getting in each box, so here we go!

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription bag. For $10 you get 4-5 makeup/beauty products (deluxe samples and full size products) in a cute makeup bag! If you would like to join, please use my link here!:) 

Birchbox is a monthly beauty/lifestyle subscription box. It is also $10 a month, and you receive 4-6 samples each month. BB seems to be higher end than Ipsy. If you would like to try it out, please use my link so we can both get points!

Here are the products I am getting from Ipsy (I don't have them yet, but it shows online in your Glam Room which products are being sent out!):

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxy Lipstick in Get Ready
This is about half the size of a full size lipstick, as far as I can tell by the weights listed. ($7.00?)

NYX Love in Rio Eye Shadow
I don't know what color I am getting yet, but I believe this will be full size. ($6.00)

Chella Indigo Blue Eye Liner
I really wanted this, so I am excited about it!!It's supposedly a full size!! Woot!! ($24)

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer
I have never tried any Pixi products, so I'm ok with trying this one. The 30ml one is $9.00 and this one is only 12ml, so this one is worth $3.60

Total worth: $40.60 (plus the bag!) Wow!! 

Birchbox is a little more tricky... it doesn't show on their site what sizes we get, so I have to either wait to get the box, or find someone who got the same products and have already reviewed it! 

INIKA Certified Organic Eyeliner
Full size!! Woot!! ($20)

Supergoop! City Suncreen Serum
10 mL sample ($8.40)

Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Serum + Primer
6 mL sample ($8.16)

Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo
50mL sample ($1.90)

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream
1 oz. (around $1.00)

Total Worth: $39.46 Yes!

I think I would say this is a tie this month! 


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