Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The casserole that wasn't...

So... I decided I wanted something besides just chicken breast and a veggie so I searched Pinterest for "gluten free chicken casserole" and this recipe popped up: 


I decided it was something that I could be in the mood for. In my searching of the pantry I realized I did not have enchilada sauce. Never fear!! There had to be a way to MAKE enchilada sauce, right? Enter this recipe: 


I had all the ingredients except tomato sauce... You know, the main ingredient! However, I did have diced tomatoes with green chilis... Close enough once I put them through my trusty Ninja blender! So I made the sauce and it turned out pretty good! 

Then, I realized I didn't have tortilla chips for the casserole. I decided to say screw it and I threw the cooked chicken into the skillet with the enchilada sauce and the other ingredients and just made a skillet dinner. Blah.

So, I was thinking... Maybe if I had something like this I would cook better??

Yes? ;) I'm a hell of a baker... But since quitting sugar I don't do much baking. 

Anyway... Guess I better clean up my mess! Hopefully getting the Internet tomorrow but will probably still just post from my phone since it's easy peasy!!



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