Friday, February 28, 2014

T. G. I. F.

I'm so glad it's finally Friday!! Wish it was already Saturday. With hubs working Friday evenings it's not really our weekend until Saturday. 

We plan to go shopping for "prom" clothes, since we have a party and a concert coming up that is prom themed. The dress I originally thought I might be able to wear doesn't fit yet... But it's a good goal dress for later! 

I've been playing with makeup. Decided to see what tightlining was all about. Gel liner is sooooo messy lol!! And I hasn't planned on doing my lower waterline but I blinked and there it was...

I think I like it so it might become a signature look for me. Speaking of makeup, Birchbox is starting to put out their spoilers. If you click on this link: you can change the number on the end from bb1 to bb2 to bb3, etc., and see what will be in the boxes. If you aren't a member of Birchbox yet, it would be awesome if you would use my link to join so we both get points!! 

We are supposed to get snow this weekend... like maybe 9 inches. I hate snow, so I hope it doesn't happen!! Have a wonderful Friday!!



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