Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday and new tea...

Today is Sunday, the day of rest, and boy did I rest! We went to church early this morning as usual. Hubs plays in the band, X helps run video and I run the sound for our contemporary service. Church was pretty boring, as it has been since we got a new pastor. I miss our old pastor. Our new one is nice enough, but I just haven't connected with her sermons like I did with our old pastor. 

After church we went to hubs grandma's house and visited with his mom and grandma. That's always a nice time. Hubs mom takes care of his grandma so it's nice for her to have other people to talk to. 

Then I came home and had my Sunday nap. Hubs went to work :/ X went to a friend's house. And I slept. Really weird dreams as always. This time it was about a new restaurant in town trying to kill off all the other restaraunteers. Really weird. 

I got up and cleaned most of the kitchen and am now enjoying a cup of tea. I like tea more than I like plain coffee... But I usually just drink coffee with cream and Truvia. But I've decided since I have so much tea (I'm kind of a collector I guess lol) that I would see how the Keurig works with just running hot water through it. I usually boil water with my little piggy tea kettle but I hate having to get the hot plate out (we currently live in a tiny place without a proper kitchen). I put an empty plastic filter into the Keurig and it made hot water just fine!! Yay! :)

So, I'm having Bigelow English Teatime black tea with a little whole milk and Truvia and it is divine! So now that I know this works I will be going on an adventure through my tea shelf! I do wish I had some matcha tea because I really want to try it but holy cow it's expensive!! Maybe when I've exhausted all my options! 

My Nerd Fitness challenge starts tomorrow and I am so super excited!!



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