Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday outing...

We usually go to Whole Foods and Natural Grocers about once every month or so because it's a pretty good drive to get there, about 45 minutes. I love Whole Foods! I love the bulk bins and all the natural products. I could literally walk around that store for hours and not get bored.

[I'm sitting in Starbucks writing this on my phone and there's this guy in here SINGING at the top of his lungs... Uh, yeah...]

{and hubs just knocked his laptop into my latte (sugar free vanilla with heavy whipping cream instead of milk) and it spilled everywhere!!! Had to get a rag and a mop and the barista was great and cleaned it up and got me a new one at no charge!! Yay Starbucks!!}

Anyway, we are on a budget so one might think that we couldn't shop at Whole Foods, but we actually have a few things we always get there or at Natural Grocers. Here is what we got today:

Whole Foods:
Fresh ground peanut butter(you grind it yourself! It's pretty cool and sooo good, at least that's what X tells me, since I only eat almond butter): 2.2 lbs @ $2.99/lb = $6.34

Fresh ground almond butter: 2.08 lbs @ $5.99/lb = $12.46

Fresh ground honey roasted peanut butter (this is for hubs, since he's not giving up sugar lol): 1.16 lbs @ $2.99/lb = $3.47

Almond flour (this we should have gotten at Natural Grocers but I couldn't find it... We went to NG first and looked at prices because I couldn't remember lol, then WF and back to NG... They are basically in the same parking lot so no big... But I ended up finding it for $6.50/lb at NG AFTER I bought it at WF): 1.35/lbs @ $7.99/lb = $10.79

I also bought this really nice lip balm at WF because I love me some lip balm and it was only $1.99!!! It's called Mongo Kiss and the "flavor" is Vanilla Honey. It is 100% natural, certified organic, GMO, cruelty and gluten - free. Ingredients include organic sunflower seed oil, organic beeswax, fair trade certified organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla flavor, organic honey flavor, organic mongongo oil, vitamin e, organic rosemary extract, organic calendula extract. 

This stuff is heaven on your lips and it had the most wonderful cocoa butter smell!! At $2 you can't go wrong!

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage:
This is sort of a bag your own type store, almost like an Aldi for healthy eaters lol They have all sorts of alternative flours like almond flour, rice flour, coconut flour, as well as bulk spices. We didn't need much today because we are all stocked up on flours. 

Bob's Red Mill Arrowroot Powder (we have been looking for this everywhere for months since seeing recipes with it, and we finally found it today!!): 2 - 1lb bags @ $4.99 each = $9.98

Ground chipotle pepper spice: around 5 ounces for $4.79 (hubs uses this in a spice mix he makes... I can't wait til it's warmer and we can go to the farmers market for bulk spices!!)

We also picked up 2 bottles of Virgil's cream soda sweetened with stevia ($1.15 per bottle) and 2 small bags of kettle chips ($0.85 each) for lunch. We had picked up salami and cheese and bread(for hubs) earlier to make lunch on the go. 

Around 10 am we took hubs Surface tablet into Best Buy because it wouldn't turn on when you pressed the button... Had to just keep pressing over and over and it finally would come on. They said it needed an update... It is now 6:15 and it is still not finished. Ridiculous! 

We did end up getting $54 back in cash because the tablet is cheaper today than it was a week ago when he purchased it for school. Yay free money!! 

So, now we are sitting at Starbucks. Stephen is studying and I'm blogging and we are waiting for Best Buy to call. 

Stephen did take pictures of me today to show my weight loss progress so I'll leave you with that!

I don't know why my photos are being stupid. :/


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