Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Laundry day...

It's my day "off" which means laundry day. I hate doing laundry. It just takes so much time. And I really can't stand folding and putting away. However, when we used to live where we had a clothes line... I actually enjoyed hanging clothes out to dry in the summer. Don't ask me why... But I think it was just the peace and quiet. At least in our little apartment I can use two washers and dryers at the same time so it doesn't take all day.

I have quite a bit of cleaning to do today because the Internet people are coming today to hopefully install our Internet!! Yay! But boo to cleaning!! 

Tonight is family night! We do family night every Wednesday night. Sometimes we go out to eat, sometimes we stay in and watch movies. I think tonight I want to go get pizza (gluten free of course) and come back and watch a movie. 

Ok... I'm going to go start laundry, have a cup of tea, and plan out my day. Wish me luck!!



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