Thursday, February 27, 2014

Family night, Internet and other such stuff...

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind with cleaning, not getting our Internet installed and going out for family night. 

My apartment is clean and it smells so nice! And it should because I spent my entire day off cleaning! The Internet people came to do the site check, but they couldn't get a good signal, so no go. X was pretty upset until we told him we had a second choice. We ordered our equipment from EVDO Depot USA last night. We will have 10 days to try it out and get a refund if it doesn't work for us. We will probably end up sending it back if X can't play his Xbox online and if we can't stream Netflix. It's pretty expensive Internet so it really has to be worth it! 

For family night, we went to Minskeys Pizza. They have really good gluten free pizza! We bought enough for all of us to have leftovers, so that's my lunch today!! Yum! Is it lunch time yet!? Lol 

After that we got movies from Redbox and came home and watched them. We rented Last Vegas and Haunter. Haunter was interesting. Last Vegas was really funny!! 

I wish it was Friday! I'm so ready for the weekend! Hubs and I are going to a birthday party in a few weeks that is prom themed so we need to get outfits for this, as well as a concert coming up that is also prom themed. There is a thrift shop in the city that sells super cheap tuxes so we are going there to get hubs a tux! I have a dress I need to try on, but if it doesn't fit, I'll look for something as well. 

Anyway... Off to work!



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