Friday, January 17, 2014

Weight loss tip #3

Tip #3: Choose ONE vice!

I like chocolate and queso and cocktails and coffee... but if I ate/drank all of these every day I would be a blimp!! And I wouldn't feel well at all! However, without at least one thing that I absolutely love I would feel like life wouldn't be much worth living! I choose coffee... I love my coffee, I LOVE my Starbucks! I love a little coffee with my cream and sugar... I don't want to give it up and I am not going to! So there!

I suggest you choose ONE thing that you don't want to give up, and have that one thing IN MODERATION! This doesn't mean I drink coffee all day, everyday... I drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, and I ENJOY the heck out of it!! And this is especially good after eating healthy all day... it's a great reward and it calms me down at the end of the day. (Yes, I know, it is caffeine and should not have that effect, but it does and I love it!!)

So, what is your vice?


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