Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

Hi! Yesterday was my birthday. I turned the big 4.0. Bah! I asked my son if I could just lie about my age, and he said I could just tell everyone I am 29 since I look so young! I love my kids!:) We had a nice evening at home last night. My husband made me dinner AND made me cheesecake without crust!!! I love that man!! He also wrote me a birthday letter! It was so sweet!!:) Then we all watched Scream 4! The Scream movies are like my favorite movies of all time!!
I am currently trying to select a healthcare plan through the health market, but the site is so bogged down, it just keeps spinning and spinning! UGH!
Tonight I will be going to my friend Jennye’s house to do pilates. I sprained my ankle a little over a week ago, and I am still in the aircast, so I am having to find ways to workout without putting pressure on my ankle. It really sucks!
Anyway, have a great day! I am going to try to edit the site a little more today! It is definitely a work in progress, like me!:)


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